Vidya Balan’s-”The Dirty Picture”-Wallpaper

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan’s hot or dirty movie “The Dirty Picture” ,here in this pic actress Vidya Balan is in red dress. is Vidya is looking  sexy ?

8 Replies to Vidya Balan’s-”The Dirty Picture”-Wallpaper

  1. vidya balan looking very fat in her upcoming movie.

  2. very very fat.
    she should now work in a some t.v. shows , which could highlights her dirty image,.

  3. irshad says:

    vidya your dirty picture is purifying my heart, i am in love with you.

  4. prisan says:

    vidya you are looling very hot …now dont make zero figure…

  5. prashant soni says:

    vidyaji u r a great actor really great

  6. yashwanth says:

    i think so this movie willl damage her image

  7. Vidya made history ,she was unique,incomparable in dirty picture. Ash, Priyanka ,Kathrina nobody act like this before.

  8. bikash says:

    hi Vidya your acting has again proved that u r a actress

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