Swami Agnivesh to be part of “Bigg Boss-5″ !

Swami Agnivesh to enter Bigg Boss house.

Estranged team Anna member and saffron-clad social activist Swami Agnivesh, who had a bitter fallout with anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, has agreed to be a part of reality show ‘Bigg Boss-5‘.

According to Swami Agnivesh‘s close aide Manu Singh, the activist is likely to enter the ‘Bigg Boss-5′ .Manu Singh a close associate of Swami Agnivesh confirmed that Swami Agnivesh was going to be a part of the programme. He is said to be making a guest appearance for a short duration.

Swami will spread his message through the programme. Whenever he finds a challenge, he accepts it and that is the reason why he accepted this,” said Manu Singh.

On Tuesday, Swami Agnivesh will enter the house in Lonavala, where contestants have already spent the first of the show’s three months cut off from their families and any contact with the rest of the world.
“I think it is exciting and challenging for a person with my background to go inside this house and to engage young souls on socially relevant issues,” Agnivesh told. “Through the show, I hope to start some sort of dialogue with a large social spectrum, including the urban educated middle class.”

Swami Agnivesh Will be Part of Bigg Boss-5

Swami Agnivesh Will be Part of Bigg Boss-5

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  1. Publicity stunt by agnivesh to get in the front lines.He is not a social activist.He is an opportunist looking for dough where ever he can.
    Thats the reason he was kicked out of anna team mediator.Who cares he is in big boss 5 or whatever.

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