Singer Kelly Clarkson loves perks of fame

The “Breakaway” hitmaker Singer Kelly Clarkson admits she loves using her celebrity status to get tables in restaurants.

Kelly Clarkson says she loves getting her assistants to use her name to get restaurant tables that would otherwise be fully booked.”I do love it when you call a restaurant and they are booked, then you have an assistant call, dropping your name, and somehow a table is found,” she told Closer magazine.

“I’ve never dropped it myself though, I’d feel like a tool.”However singer kelly Clarkson insists she would never go out of her way to get noticed by anyone.

she also added -”I laugh at people who go to places just to be seen. At the start, I was told I should do that too but it’s fake and ridiculous to me, I don’t understand it”.

 Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson

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