ShahRukh Khan refuses to anchor “Zor Ka Jhatka-2″

Bollywood star ShahRukh Khan refused to do the next season of “Zor Ka Jhatka”

A year ago, actor Shah Rukh Khan had announced around this week that he would be anchoring “Zor Ka Jhatka – Total Wipeout “for Imagine. And he did. Soon after the show began, the show’s broadcasters announced that they planned to produce season two of the show the following when asked SRK denies that he ever agreed to host another season of the show after the first one.

ShahRukh Khan added that he hasn’t been offered to do anything like that and revealed that he had anchored the earlier season as he needed money.

ShahRukh Khan went on to reveal that he had approached the head of the channel, saying that he needed money. The actor was told that the show would require him to give 12 days in the month of January and that he would not have to fly out for the shoots.

All the shots with Shahrukh were shot at the Yash Raj Studios and he had earned Rs. 40 crores out of it, which was straight away used for the production of the movie ‘Ra.One’. When asked if he would host the second season if offered, he said that he wasn’t very sure and that the timings need to be right.

ShahRukh Khan refuses to anchor "Zor Ka Jhatka-2"

ShahRukh Khan refuses to anchor "Zor Ka Jhatka-2"

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