Shahrukh Khan becomes ‘Sardar’ for a ToothPaste Add

Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan gets into the garb of a Sikh soldier for a new toothpaste advertisement

Shahrukh Khan has been a fresh surprise in all the Pepsodent commercials till now. The ‘Pappu & papa’ series, wherein SRK plays this doting father who convinces his kid to brush his teeth, is endearing. Well there’s something to be happy about for his fans. The actor is all set to work his charm on the kids again.

This time he steps into the shoes of a tough Sikh soldier and his character is named Papa G – in which ‘G’ represents the strong daddy who guards his son’s gums. SRK also manages to convey – in his own sweet way – to all the li’l ones out there that ‘brushing’ is not exactly the most detestable activity of the day. No wonder the superstar is such a hit amongst the children as well.

According to a source, while shooting for this commercial, King Khan got into his usual ‘repartee cracking’ mode. The actor apparently had a lot of glue on his face, considering he’s sporting a fake moustache and beard in the ad. Now how could SRK not comment about the gooey state he was in? “If anyone plans to kiss me, they will remain stuck to me forever,” he quipped. The actor left the entire crew in splits with his witty one-liners

Shahrukh Khan becomes Sikh Soldier For ToothPaste Add

Shahrukh Khan becomes Sikh Soldier For ToothPaste Add


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