Selena Gomez kisses Justin Bieber on stage In Brazil

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez’ Kissing each Other in Brazil.

Pop Star Justin Bieber is  on tour in Brazil, but he is not alone, sadly for his fans as girlfriend Disney’s star Selena Gomez is by his side and all over him, Selena Gomez not only joined Justin Biber to sing on stage in Rio as the My World tour played Brazil, but she also kissed and hugged her boyfriend in front of the very excited crowd in the sold-out arena.

Before the music started, fans knew Justin Bieber was going to invivte a special guest to join him for this particular October 6 concert, all thanks to JB’s twitter message. Still, the person in question was not revealed. At least not until Selena Gomez finally found herself at the Engenhao in Rio on stage with the love of her life.Selena Gomez  and Justin Biber took on the song “Who Says” from her fresh album “When the Sun Goes Down”. And they made beautiful music today.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been dating since last November and have been practically inseparable ever since, the first time we saw them kissing in public was at the Billboard Awards on May, after that they were seen in Hawaii with her parents but that didn’t stop them from a steamy kissing session in the beach.

After that we have seen them kissing way too many times but I guess it doesn’t get old, these days they have been exchanging some lips affection in the country of Samba Brazil.




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