Salman Khan’s Surgery Successful !

Bodyguard Superstar actor Salman Khan’s surgery in the US for a painful nerve condition has been successfull .Salman Khan’s familly said that he is fine after the operation and doctor’s advised him15 days of complete rest.

Salman Khan was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a nerve disorder .He goes to Us on 29 august. Salman’s  surgery was done on Wednesday  31August and lasted for 5 hours. It will take at least fifteen days for the actor to resume work and doctors advised him complete rest till then. Fresh tests will be conducted further to check the progress of recovery. Salman will then go to South Africa to shoot for Ek Tha Tiger,” sources close .

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  1. Nasim.bajaj. says:

    Hi salman khan i am nasim baja from patur akola(maharashtra) i PRAY FROM ALLAh for your health ABOT SUCCESSFUL SURGERY AND MAKE YOUR FILM BODY GUARD SUPERHIT

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