Priyanka Chopra Secret Passion?

Singing is Priyanka Chopra’s secret passion.Bollywood hot actress Priyanka Chopra is ready to live up her dream of singing by getting hitched with the international singing assignment. PC has always stated about her love for singing and the desire of rendering her voice for the songs penned by her.
Priyanka is eagerly working on her first ever international pop album, which will help her to set a strong foothold in the global music market. When asked about her passion towards singing Priyanka chopra said, I will be always loved to sing… but I never thought I was any good! Whatever I do, I like to give it my best. I am very demanding of myself. So if it were not for the constant encouragement and support of family, friends, buddies from the music industry and so many other people, I really would not have thought about pursuing an alternate career in music. Singing is my secret of the things that make me happy. I never really thought about it being anything else… until now!

singing is priyanka chopra Seceret Passion


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