Preity Zinta Honoured at “Venice Film Festival” !

Bollywood actress “Preity Zinta ” will be awarded with the “World Diamond Group Platinum Award for Peoples’ Friendship” at the Venice Film Festival. Preity Zinta will be in Venice on the 3rd and 4th of September 2011. Dimple beauty Preity Zinta will be honored for bringing cultural harmony through her work.

Preity Zinta will be felicitated with a white olive tree, with its tree trunk sculpted off a block of hand-carved marble, and its branches and leaves fashioned out of 3,333 grams of platinum and 3,003 diamonds.

Preity Zinta Honoured at Venice Film Festival


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  1. manish says:

    Preity u r real indian beauty. i like ur dimples so much.

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