Poonam Pandey to Strip on Bigg Boss-5?

Poonam Pandey might finally fulfill her dream of stripping for her country, albeit in the Bigg Boss-5 house.

Poonam Pandey, who made headlines claiming to strip if the Indian cricket team won the world cup will apparently make an appearance in the “Bigg Boss-5″ house for two days and will go semi-nude

Though Poonam Pandey backed out from her promise, she has reportedly decided not to disappoint the audiences and will go semi-nude. The last we heard was that Poonam Pandey was offered Rs 2 crores to strip inBig Boss 5. It was then reported that she declined the offer claiming that the money is too less and that she would rather strip for a Hollywood film that she was offered.

A source revealed to a leading English daily that Poonam had been approached long back by Bigg Boss-5, but she wanted a special entry. According to sources -An unusual concept has been launched for her and she will be in the house to create controversy.



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