Open to all suggestions on Lokpal: PM

The government is open to a reasonable debate on Lokpal, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Monday, adding that graft battle is the most important issue at the moment.

Addressing management students at IIM Kolkata, the PM asserted that Lokpal Bill was before the Standing Committee of Parliament and people were free to give their inputs as far as the bill was concerned.

In a clear message to the cNonetheless, he warned that though the “creation of Lokpal as an institution will no doubt help but it will not solve all the problems.” He said that judicial reforms and reforms in the funding of elections was the need of the hour, together with re-structuring of the government system. Also, the decision making needed to be more transparent, he further added.

He also promised to come up with systematic ways to tackle corruption and said, “Corruption surfaces in many forms and creates trust deficit, while promoting inefficiency.”

The PM reiterated what he had said on the Independence Day, “there is no magic wand and no simple solution to tackle corruption.” But, he lamented, “The complexity of the task is not adequately appreciated.”ivil society, Manmohan Singh said, “There are differing views and we are open to suggestions.”

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