Nihita Biswas Eliminated From Bigg Boss-5

Serial Killer Charles Shobhraj’s old wife Nihita Biswas is first to be  eliminated from Bigg Boss-5.

Nihita Biswas was nominated along with Pooja Mishra. But the viewers and Bigg Boss preferred to see Pooja Mishra in the house rather than a younger nepali wife to an old man behind the bars.

The first Bigg Boss 5 elimination was telecast this evening on ‘Colors TV’ where Nihita Biswas, the Nepali wife of infamous bikini killer Charles Sobhraj .She became the first contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

In her first week itself,Nihita Biswas had argument with fellow contestant Shraddha Sharma. Both the contestant were assigned the job of cleaning the dishes together.But, Nihita Biswas felt that Shraddha was not cleaning the dishes properly and had an argument with Shraddha. However, Nihita Biswas tried to catch the eyeballs by shedding tears over the issue.Before leaving the house, Bigg Boss asked Nihita Biswas to choose an inmate to go to the inhouse jail and within a second Nihita, chose Pooja Bedi.After, the Bigg Boss 5 elimination Nihita Biswas said that the decision to evict her was unfair and baseless.

Nihita Biswas eliminated From Bigg Boss-5

Nihita Biswas eliminated From Bigg Boss-5

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