IS Selena Gomez Got Flowers From Justin Bieber ?

Selena is spotted with a fresh new bouquet — does her superstar boyfriend Justin Bieber miss her too much?

Pop Star Selena Gomez happily signs a few autographs for awaiting fans before her first concert in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on Thursday (October 13).

Earlier in the day, the 19-year-old musician and her assistant headed out to the streets, picking up a basket of flowers along the way Pop star SelenaGomez.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are an amazing pair, and while they’re missing each other on tour, Selena Gomez seemed to be perky carrying fresh flowers on Oct. 13 in Victoria, Canada. But where did she get them?

Selena Gomez , 19, picked up the bouquet with a buddy before her concert that evening. We’re sure Justin Bieber, 17, will send some along to her soon — after all, he’s always given her plenty before!

 Selena Gomez Got Flowers

Selena Gomez Got Flowers


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