Is Celina Jaitely really pregnant?

Bollywood actress Celina Jaitely Is pregnant or its just another rumour ?

Just two days after her surprising disclosure of her hole-and-corner wedding with boyfriend Peter Haag in July, comes the rumour that bollywood hot actress “Celina Jaitley” is pregnant.

Sources claim that Celina is talking a lot about motherhood and is really keen on starting a family immediately. Her comments have sparked rumours that she was expecting before getting hitched with hotelier Peter Haag.
Has “Celina Jaitely” joined the league of celebs like actress Konkana Sen and Sri Devi who were pregnant at the time of tying the knot?
So Guys let’s wait and watch  to find out if the rumours are true or not……….!

Celina jaitely is pregent or not?

Is-Celina-Jaitley-pregent ?

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