How you can make use of beer better in your household ?

Apart from drinking you can use beer in your household in better way.

Your favourite brew can be used in various other ways also .Beer is an earth friendly for your garden and lawn . Here we tell you different ways of using beer in your household.

1. You can used it to trap slugs and snails in your garden and lawns.

2. It can be used to trap fruit flies in your kitchen.

3. Beer can be used to distract bees and wasps from your outdoor gathering.

4. By this Get rid of mice.

5. It can be used as a cockroach trap.

6. Beer can be used as ifertilizer for your gardens.

7.You can  Fertilize your indoor plants with beer.

8. It can be used to get rid of brown spots in your lawn.

9. For removing stain from your clothes you can also use it.

10. Furniture some polish and colour can be restored with the help of the beer.

11. It can used for cleaning  gold jewellery.

12. Polish brass pots as the acids in beer work wonders on most metals.

13. Beer can be used it to loosen rusty bolts as the acids in the beer dissolve enough rust to allow you to get them loose.

Now tell you thought beer can be used only for drinking !


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