Bobby Darling Says “I date straight men” !

Bobby Darling who happens to be a woman now  was arrested recently in a gay partyfiasco claims Indian cricketer Munaf Patel was the last person she had a relationship with.

Bobby Darling said that “Agar normal party hoti and if I were caught with a straight man, I would not deny it because I’m a girl. But I was called to this party on the pretext of being ‘the celebrity attraction’. I had no clue it was a gay party. I do support gays, but I have a soft corner for transgenders. I am not gay. I am a girl and have always considered myself to be one. In fact, all my relationships have been with men. My last relationship was with Munaf Patel.Munaf Patel is the Indian medium fast bowler was apparently introduced with Bobby Darling long ago in a party. It is alleged that Munaf Patel even had a one night stand with Bobby Darling after which the actor claims that the cricketer Munaf Patel broke up with her.Although Munaf Patel refused these allegations.

The organiser of this party is a friend of mine. He is married and has a wife and two kids. I will not mention his name because he has not come out with his sexuality yet”.

Right now it seems that Bobby Darling is contradicting the statements which were made by the police earlier. The police who claimed that Bobby Darling was caught in a compromising position stated that she was arrested and later released. However, Bobby Darling who underwent a sex change operation claims that she never knew it was a gay party and she had apparently only dated straight men till now. Bobby Darling who was born as Pankaj Sharma says that she always considered herself as a female.



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