Baba Ramdev on’Bigg Boss’! Ab Kya Hoga?

Baba Ramdev on’Bigg Boss’! Ab Kya Hoga? our prediction………….

The makers of Bigg Boss are running out of ideas… and fast. After boring their viewers to tears with two seasons of full-blown nautanki (courtesy a cheap Rakhi Sawant and a sleazy faux romance featuring Monica Bedi and Rahul Mahajan), they are now planning to rope none other than yoga guru extraordinaire Baba Ramdev who is most famous for his controversial statements about ‘item girls and their impact on the modern youth’.

Hmmm… interesting indeed. So, considering that this deal ever does take shape, here’s what we can eventually expect from Bigg Bore, sorry Bigg Boss Season 3.

Day One: Baba Ramdev enters the Bigg Boss House (or whatever the tacky sets are called) with the others. These include your mandatory failing actor who no one can remember, an overly voluptuous ‘item girl’, a few other regional ‘celebrities’ who look more like your local goons and last but not least, a reality show winner / an underworld moll / the producer’s distant cousin or whoever seems controversial enough to stir the house into a scripted tizzy.

Day Two: Baba Ramdev imposes mandatory yoga after waking up at 4 am EVERY morning, and compulsory ‘lauki ka juice’. Item girl also gets a earful about how her provocative jhatkas and matkas are ‘spoiling the youth’, upon which Bigg Boss has a private meeting with Babaji to discuss the mysterious relationship between tiny bikinis and soaring TRPs.

Day Three: Life goes on

Day Four: The producers get really bored and decide to invite Celina Jaitley for a surprise encounter with Baba Ramdev.

Day Five: Celina shows up in her teensy-tiny skirt and a huge lecture for Baba Ramdev about how he is a Kaurav and has treated her likeDraupadi. She claims that his remarks about her changing boyfriends are just like Draupadi’s vastraharanBaba Ramdev gently reminds her that the virus of homosexuality has pervaded her heart and soul which is why, she can’t think straight… pun intended.

Day Six: Just for fun, the producers throw in Bobby Darling.

Day Seven: Baba Ramdev can’t bear the atrocities against him, and much to the relief of the other inmates, finally walks out. Audience loses interest and the series ends as predictably as it does, every other time.

A week later, Shilpa Shetty writes a book about ‘Bigg Boss ki Bheetari Baat’ and sells the rights to Penguin, in a last-ditch effort to avoid being deported from the UK.

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